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Legal Rental Experts
30 Years Experience
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It’s All About Money

We know how important it is to have enough money to look after yourself and your family. We’re here to help you manage it.

Managing money can be complicated

Managing money can be complicated. It’s not something that we learn well at school. And sometimes we all need a little help to understand how to best control and use our money, whether it’s our day to day income or our savings.

That’s what this service is about. Its aim is to help you take control of your finances and put it to the best possible use, especially if you feel you are financially struggling or find that managing your money and finances is overwhelming.

Through this service, we offer help and guidance from Community Money Mentors to assist you with managing your money wisely, budgeting, grant applications, switching utilities and meeting needs for less.

Our Community Money Mentors will support you to:
  • Put together their own realistic budget
  • Keep a spending diary – this helps clients to track of day to day spending
  • Identify areas where the client could reduce spending
  • Help clients with price comparisons for broadband, mobile phones and energy bills.
  • Help applying for grants (e.g. for utility arrears or essential items)
  • Help to access follow-on services e.g. debt advice, benefits advice
We’ll also work with you to make sure you are receiving the full amount of benefits you are entitled to.

See how you can take control of your finances

One of the ways we can help you manage and take control of your finances is through Brent Mutual, our own branch of Hillingdon Credit Union.

Brent Mutual

A Credit Union is like a bank, except that it is owned by all the members who join and use the services. Any profits are paid to members annually as a dividend.

The credit union:

  • provides access to fair financial services
  • helps people to save via a savers club that encourages their members and clients to save small regular amounts
  • offers access to affordable loans
  • pays a £10 bounty payment for every new member you introduce

How you can benefit

Please drop in to see us on
Thursdays 2pm–4.30pm
36-38 Willesden Lane, NW6 7ST

We can help you with:

  • enquiries about Brent Mutual
  • applications to join the Brent Mutual
  • loan applications*

To join the Brent Mutual click here
To apply for a loan contact A4R to discuss your loan options.

Brent Mutual/Hillingdon Credit Union is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority – Firm No 213406

*(Note: all loans are decided by Hillingdon Credit Union Loan Committee)

Brent Hubs

Brent Hubs Harlesden

Harlesden Library
49A Craven Park Rd,
Harlesden, NW10 8SE

Mondays 10-1pm

Brent Hubs Wembley

Ealing Road Library
Coronet Parade, Ealing Rd
Wembley HA0 4BA

Mondays 10-1pm

Brent Hubs Willesden

Willesden Library
95 High Rd,
Willesden, NW10 2SF

Tuesdays 10-1pm

Brent Hubs Kilburn

Community Resource Centre
William Dunbar House
Albert Road NW6 5DE

Wednesdays 10-1pm

It’s All About Money – In The Community 4 The Community

We believe in the long term and we know how important your community is to you.

Our In The Community 4 The Community service offers faith and community leaders support to work within their communities to reduce financial upheaval and prevent social isolation at the grassroot level.

We’ll enable community groups, housing/residence associations, faith groups and low income employers to engage with members in the areas of money management, budgeting and signposting and referral workshops, community saver’s clubs and hardship fund crisis support and create a sustainable financial and debt management support system. 

Our goal is to build resilience, independence and confidence in personal financial management.

If you are a community or faith leader and you’d like to be part to find out how you can support your community to be more financially resilient contact:

Pat Fernandes
It’s All About Money Project Manager
0207 634 4327


We're looking for enthusiastic and committed volunteers. If you have half a day a week spare for a minimum of 12 months, enjoy helping others and learning new skills, your community needs you.

It’s All About Money – Acts 435

Acts 435 is a revolutionary website that allows people to give money directly to others.

Donors can read through a list of requests on our website, choose which request to donate to, and 100% of that donation via Acts 435 goes directly to the individual in need.

If you Gift Aid your donation, it helps towards the running costs of the charity. It’s that simple.

Our A4R Advocates post requests for help on behalf of people they work with, then post thank you messages on the recipients’ behalf. That way, you can be even more confident of the difference you have made and that your money went where you intended.

To find out more contact:

Pat Fernandes
It’s All About Money Project Manager
0207 634 4327