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Legal Rental Experts
30 Years Experience
Campaigners for Justice
Award Winning
Legal Rental Experts
30 Years Experience
Campaigners for Justice
Award Winning

We're so glad we could help

This is why we do it… we know we can make a difference

Outstanding work

“I’m truly very grateful for the assistance I received from your organisation and can confirm to be in a better position as a result of it…… up until this year, I had to put up with outrageous matters moving from home to home, letting myself be depressed just because I was not aware of the outstanding work you do.”

A single woman working on a low wage.

Getting my own flat

“Everything you said happened, everything you did worked out. Nobody has helped me as much… ever. I am reborn”

Estranged wife of an arranged marriage assisted in getting her own flat, her own income stream, voluntary work and study.

A crucial resource

“As a member of the Social Prescribing Team in Brent, I have found Advice4Renters a crucial resource for our patients. This excellent service is an asset to the community; and only surpassed in excellence by their dedicated operatives.​​”

Iftekhar R. Chowdhury​
Social Prescribing Link Workers (Harness)

Reducing debt

“Thank you for all the help I received from you, in supporting me to apply for a loan via Brent Mutual. I feel all the anxiety and stress has been washed away. Before the loan I was paying minimum payment on my credit card and had a high interest loan.

I manage to get a loan to repay an existing loan and credit card for the same repayment that I was paying on my loan alone. Adding to that I am also saving £20 a month, can’t thank you enough, for your patience and not letting me feel rushed in the process.”

Saved £1242 by consolidating

Brilliant service throughout Brent

“Brent has one of the largest percentages of private rented property of any local authority, with all the hazards that involves: how incredibly important, therefore, to have this really brilliant service in the Borough. Please keep up your invaluable work.”

Lord (Richard) Best, social housing leader and crossbench peer in the House of Lords

Get involved in your community

Due to the current emergency, our physical events have been cancelled until further notice. We will be holding ‘virtual’ events on the internet.  Check this space for details or subscribe to our newsletter.

60% of all ticket sales go to local good causes

Helping private renters

“Advice4Renters does truly amazing work in helping private renters.  They make my life difficult at times, as they are always proposing ways that Brent could improve its interventions in the private rented sector, but that’s as it should be; they keep us on our toes.”

Cllr Muhammed Butt, Leader of Brent Council

“Thank you for your support during this process, without your help it wouldn’t be possible.

I just don’t know how to thank you for all your help/guidance provided. I am soooo Happy…It is finally over.. 🙂

Thank you so much.”

My blood pressure went sky high

“A4R is really supportive and professional, especially [caseworker]. They know what they are doing.  I’m very grateful.”

Because the house has been fixed, I’m so much less stressed.  It’s not worth being so stressed. My blood pressure went sky high.  I used to cry for no reason.

You help me whenever I need it.  A4R is the best!  I recommend you to all my friends.”

End of mentoring period

Mentor comment on mentee:
“She is happy, smiling. A big change in her mood and she is now hopeful. At first she cried and didn’t want to live, now she can see a future.”

Mentee’s comment:
“At one point I didn’t care. I was buying everything without any thought. Now I’m on top of it. The big problem has gone and I now have a safe home. I’m not crying as much as I used to and am talking to family and friends.”

Testimonials from mentees about mentors

“She’s very approachable, listens, is non-judgmental and just right for the job. I could call to say I was stressed and she would listen and say ‘why not try it this way? She’s been a tremendous help to me and my daughter and whoever gets her next is very lucky.”

“A is the best. Very patient and professional. If there was something she didn’t know, she’d google it for me. It helped me understand better and increased my confidence. When I win the lottery, A’s on my list to get some money! She really listened to me and I felt supported. I feel more freedom inside when I talk to her.”

“When I spoke to you, you really listened. It gave me the push to come. People like you don’t know how much you help people like me.”

Quotes from Under One Roof volunteers

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to help, even for only a short period of time. I have learned and evolved some crucial skills, that will surely help me on my career.”

“The training was good. I learnt to listen more and that it’s more important to empower someone, not to just leap in with solutions.”

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for believing in me and giving me the chance to show you my skills. Thank you for always being available and for the regular support. I am very grateful.”