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About us and the faces behind Advice4Renters

Legal Rental Experts
30 Years Experience
Campaigners for Justice
Award Winning
Legal Rental Experts
30 Years Experience
Campaigners for Justice
Award Winning

We’re passionate about justice for private renters

We’ve been working hard to make sure your rights as a private renter are upheld.

The Impact we've made in the past year

success rate at tribunal


financial gains for our clients


116 homes
have been improved for tenants

increase to welfare benefit payments

100% of our volunteers got  paid work

Our Approach

Our approach is simple… We believe that housing is a fundamental need and a basic necessity that has an impact on a person’s overall wellbeing. A home is more than a roof over your head; it’s a space where you and your family should feel safe. We want to make that happen for you.

Humble Beginnings

Advice4Renters has been fighting for the rights of private tenants
for over 30 years. We’ve had some great successes and have often been found at the centre of new initiatives that are still helping renters today.

Unfortunately, the need to protect and fight for renters’ rights is greater than ever.  Do join us today and make history. 

Humble beginnings

1986 A group of private renters who wanted to work collectively for better housing conditions set up BPTRG (Brent Private Tenants Rights Group) – known today as Advice4Renters (A4R).

1990’s – Laying the Ground Work

1994 A4R helped to establish The Association of Housing Advice Services (AHAS) an organisation that has been instrumental in advising professionals, landlords and the government on housing related issues.

1995 A4R lobbied MPs and provided amendments to the Housing Bill Committee to try to limit the damage to tenants’ rights in what became the Housing Act 1996.

1999 A4R succeeded in getting The Rent Acts (Maximum Fair Rent) Order 1999 passed, which caps rent increases for regulated tenants – elderly renters on fixed incomes.

2000 – Opening an Office

2004 After years of campaigning, A4R was pivotal in getting licensing for large Houses of Multiple Occupation(HMOs) in the Housing Act 2004.  The 2004 Act also included protection for tenancy deposits – the culmination of another long campaign.

2007 A4R runs a three year pilot to test the impact of a holistic service for clients, offering a range of support aimed to raise aspirations for a better home and a better life offering.

2010 – Increasing the services

2010 An external evaluation of the three year pilot evidences a marked improvement in the health and wellbeing of clients receiving A4R’s holistic, person-centred services. A4R adopts an overarching aim of Improving Health and Wellbeing and embeds this broad approach, developing further support services towards this aim.

2011  A4R joins energy groups in a campaign that results in the Energy Act 2011, which outlaws the letting of very inefficient energy-rated properties from 2018. A4R and renters’ groups in Scarborough and Blackpool establish the National Private Tenants Organisation (NPTO) to represent the nine million renters around the UK.

2013 A4R secures funding for the NPTO to become independent, now known as Generation Rent.

2016 A4R develops Brent Community Advice Network (BCAN) on behalf of Brent Advice Partnership, which runs the local advice website Brent Advice Matters.

2017 A4R launches Renters Legal, a specialist housing advice service for paying clients.

2018 A4R project, Under One Roof targets support for renters in fuel poverty and those needing support with money worries, and Green Light Laws, to bring test cases to court which fall outside the scope for legal aid.

A4R establishes a Senior Renters Group which joins lobby to abolish shorthold tenancies and the infamous ‘no fault’ s.21 evictions, stressing the anxiety caused to older renters who do not have a secure home for as long as they need it.

2019 A4R launches ‘It’s All About Money’ to train money mentors and expand our financial inclusion work.

2020 – Today working with the same mission

A4R launches ‘Warm Homes, Cool Planet’ Campaign to raise awareness that it is illegal for landlords to let homes with an Energy Rating below E, and help tenants in cold homes to take legal action and others to claim the Warm Homes Discount. 

Annual Reports and Accounts

Our Annual Reports illustrates our business activities for year and highlights our work in helping private tenants live well in private accommodation.

Please download our Financial Report here:

Brent Private Tenants’ Rights Group Limited Financial Statements 2019
Brent Private Tenants’ Rights Group Limited Financial Statements 2018 

Our Funders

We could not exist without the charitable trusts who give us grants to run projects or to contribute to our core costs. We continue to be very grateful for their support.