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Through my association with Pimp My Cause, I have been very fortunate to collaborate with many charities and social enterprises across London on pro-bono marketing projects.

Having seen one of the social enterprises that I have been involved with win a local business award in 2018; I felt it was about time to become more strategically involved with one I knew and make a real difference to their cause.

Fortunately, on the night of attending Advice4Renters 2018 AGM, I heard about the Trustee opportunity and coincidentally it was 6 years to the exact day since I first collaborated with the charity.

Let’s just say there was more of a personal reason than a professional one, why I became a Trustee with this charity.

Working in law, being a tenant and family connection

I first came across Advice4Renters under its previous name of Brent Private Tenants’ Rights Group in 2012, to collaborate with Jacky on developing a new marketing strategy.

Coming from a background in law and family of solicitors, I previously worked as a Marketing Manager for a family-run private client law firm in Birmingham.

The firm dealt with several civil law matters, including Housing and Landlord & Tenant matters – this was useful as I lived in private rented accommodation in Walsall, and had several dealings with my landlord on matters relating to maintenance of my property and other things – so I was able to empathize with the clients of the charity.

Ironically, my eldest aunt began her legal career in Kilburn back in 1980s, not very far from Advice4Renters; so when I told her about the charity, she said it was an opportunity I should not to pass up – given my family history with Kilburn.

Once the marketing strategy that Jacky and I worked became operational, I continued to help with additional marketing projects on an ad hoc basis and even attended Advice4Renters yearly AGMs.

Hitting the ground running and learning new skills

It has been over year since becoming a Trustee of Advice4Renters, and I have involved myself in two projects to increase awareness of the brand around London.

Once I settled into my Trustee role, my business mindset changed in the form of a greater understanding of the sides of the business, such as finance. Overall, I feel it was an excellent decision to become of Trustee of a cause that I can relate to, along with continuation of being associated with the legal profession, which my aunt has been involved in for decades.

I hope to stay as a Trustee with Advice4Renters for a long-time.


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