Health and Wellbeing

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At Advice4Renters we do what it says on the tin – we give general and specialist advice to people who rent their homes.

The acute housing shortage means that tenants often have to take whatever property they can get. This is often fraught with problems, so there’s no shortage of people who can benefit from our advice services.

While we are proud of our record, we’re not satisfied with that.  We really want the tenants we help to feel healthier and happier, better equipped to deal with future problems, and with renewed determination to work towards improving their lot in life. 

That sounds like a pretty ambitious aim, but we know from experience that providing rounded support can release aspirations and give people the strength to feel positive about life, knowing that we’re here when we are needed.

What’s really exciting is that other organisations have also started to realise the importance of helping people in this way.  For the last few years, the NHS has been developing ways of helping people with support services that go beyond medical interventions.  It’s called Social Prescribing.

We are working closely with NHS colleagues to promote this approach.  One of our generalist advisers spends part of her week in the local GP surgery so that she is immediately on hand to support patients who may need help to sort out their welfare benefits, housing problems or other worries. We also work closely with NHS Care Navigators and Link Workers to provide support for the patients referred to them. 

We’ll be writing more about our ‘whole person’ approach in future blogs.  In the meantime, social prescribing is delightfully explained in this must watch video.


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