Renting with Pets

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According to an article on The Guardian newspaper, the boom in the rental market in the last few years has created an unexpected problem: pets that landlords are refusing to allow in their properties.

Unfortunately in many cases tenants have to give up their pets, but luckily there are still options: from estate agents specialising in rented accommodation that allow pets, to institutions such as Dogs Trust aiming to show the benefits of letting properties to pet owners, as well as offering free information and support to landlords and letting agencies.

If you are already renting and thinking of getting a pet – make sure there aren’t any restrictions on your contract about owning a pet in the property, if there are I would recommend to have a word with the landlord to see if you can come to some sort of agreement – explain what kind of pet you have in mind and who is going to be responsible to look after it, as many landlords are concerned about pets causing damage to their property or furnishings.

However, if you are thinking to move out and looking for a new place to rent and already have a pet, don’t leave it to the last minute as it might take a little longer to find a property that allows pets. On the bright side, you can get in contact with specialist estate agents in London and/or have a look at LetswithPets, a website from Dogs Trust where they provide a list of pet friendly Landlords and letting agencies.

If you have a pet and finding it hard to find a home that allows pets, give us a call on 0207 624 4327 or email us at Our phone lines are open Mon-Fri 9:30am-4:30pm.


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